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Lucy Morgan Reflexology at The Bank Fitness

Lucy retrained as a Reflexologist 10 years ago after experiencing the therapy to cope with her stressful career in criminal law. Lucy gained a Diploma in Reflexology (passing with a distinction) from the Bristol School of Holistic Therapies. She is also a member of the International Federation of Reflexologists. 


The theory behind reflexology is that the body’s organs and structures are mapped out in miniature on the foot. By applying finger and thumb pressure to those reflexes on the feet, a Reflexologist can tell if the body is congested or blocked. Congestion or blockages are caused by stress, illness, fatigue and tension and prevent the organ from working as efficiently as it should do. If just one part of the body is not working efficiently it affects the whole of the body throwing it out of balance. By removing congestion the body’s natural equilibrium is restored allowing it to work to its optimal level again.


Reflexology can help to maintain good health, is deeply relaxing plus restores and balances the body helping you to work as efficiently as you should be.

Lucy can be found at The Bank Fitness every week. Regular hours are Mondays 11am until 2:30pm, Tuesdays 9:30am until 2pm and Fridays 12:30pm until 2:30pm (Lucy is also available later for 6pm until 9pm on weekday evenings and weekends by request).  Please contact for these or any other available appointments required via the email link above.

Reflexology at The Bank Fitness can leave you with a relaxed feeling of lightness, warmth and a sense of energy flowing throughout your body.

Reflexology in Henleaze, Bristol

Lucy Morgan is a qualified Reflexologist with over 10 years in practice

Experienced treating stress and anxiety with calming, noninvasive treatments

Lucy takes a special interest in perimenopause and the menopause - supporting women physically, mentally and emotionally



Lucy is friendly, approachable and a pleasure to visit.

Spiral Stairs

Lucy's decade-plus of experience treating all sorts of ailments makes her the go-to therapist when searching for reflexology treatments in Bristol.

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United Kingdom

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