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Who is behind The Bank Fitness?

The Bank Fitness is owned and managed by the Turpin family, who are BS9 born and bred, to serve the local community. There are over 10 local small businesses from the health industry all working at The Bank Fitness to bring a one stop shop to the people of North Bristol. We are all committed to providing a high quality service from local experts across a wide range of therapies and activities.

Mission statements

The Bank Fitness

Our mission is to provide an environment that brings people together to prioritise their health and well-being and we want to support small businesses to grow alongside us.

CrossFit Henleaze

Our mission is to be a leading CrossFit box that has a profound impact on our members and their families, helping them to improve the quality of their lives.

The Bank Fitness Core values


We are a family friendly community who aim to give everybody who walks through our doors a sense of belonging.


We have a deep passion and enjoyment for health and fitness. We aim to empower others by giving them the skills and confidence to take control of theirs.


Our people are people you want to CHAT with - Coachable, Humble, Approachable and Trustworthy.

We are a family run business excited to work with local people to improve their health and fitness.

About The Bank Fitness

A one stop shop for all your health and fitness needs

A unique high street location with good parking nearby

Run by people from the local community for the people of the local community

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